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What is Premature Ejaculation

A trigger happy guy is no fun to play around with in bed and can make sex pretty ackward. But don’t give up on the cutie just yet since there are things that can be done to improve his sexual performance so that he lasts for the entire show. In case you’re not sure what premature ejaculation is it’s when a guy ejaculates before he actually wants to. So this can mean two minutes for one guy or even 20 minutes for the guy who likes to have marathon romps between the sheets. There’s really no “normal” reference of time, but most professionals associate it to being less than two minutes. But in order to be a problem, the guy needs to think of it as one.

There’s no clear answer as to why premature ejaculation happens. Theories include biological and psychological problems, as well as urological ones like erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalances and inflammation. Another answer to the problem can be the fact that men experience a variety of different levels of sensitivity that can affect how soon they ejaculate. And finally, many think that it happens because he learned to masturbate so fast all of his life that he just simply taught himself to finish fast (yes, people actually think this).

If the guy you’re with has always experienced this problem, then it’s most likely a natural physical response to being aroused. However, if it’s a new problem, it can be because of a number of reasons, including stress or a medical problem and he should see his doctor. So what can you do to help your guy last as long as he possibly can? Well, for starters, he shouldn’t try to think of something else that’s not arousing and should instead tune into the signals that his mind and body are sending him. This is a skill he’ll have to learn, either alone or with you.

Doctors also recommend that he practice the “squeeze technique,” which is squeezing his penis head at the point where he’s ready to come to distract him. Another great option is the “stop-and-start” method, which has him stopping just before he’s going to cum and resting for about 30 seconds to a minute before going at it again. Foreplay and after play are also options, so just tell your guy to slow down instead of being so quick to jump to the main event. And when it comes to sex positions, some guys prefer flat missionary since it can often help them last longer.